Is Google killing local business?

Problem: Wide spread use of search engines like Google may be hurting smaller local economies and your community business.  Due to the way Google Ads work as a highest bidder auction, smaller community economies may suffer from a severe leverage disadvantage of economies of scale! It is almost impossible for smaller community businesses to compete for the top of Google.  

EXAMPLE: Lets look at a real estate agent market an economies of scale.  If the same house sold in Toronto for 1 Million dollars paying 2.5% commission or 25K to the Toronto agent. And the same exact same house sold in Peterborough for 200K, paying a 2.5% commission of 5K. Who then can afford to spend more money on open auction Google Ads in the Kawarthas area and appear at the top of the Google search.  Resulting in the listing of properties from the Kawartha community to the Toronto agents whom likely do not pay taxes in Kawarthas, eat or drink in the Kawarthas or support any other business that makes up our community

Solution: Community Marketplace Media designs strategies to empower local enterprise to work together and support the local economy.

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