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Page Likes on Facebook Don’t Matter!

Seems like everyone, everywhere wants to learn how to grow their business online with Facebook. And by grow, of course I mean, they spend all day worrying about the amount of Likes on their Facebook page, when in fact, your page likes on Facebook don’t matter. - “How to generate Leads with Facebook not Likes…”

Your Likes Don’t Determine Your Sales!

Now with that said, the number of Likes on your page can affect your sales, but just because you have thousands of Likes on your page, that doesn’t mean you’re making a bunch of sales… or any money for that matter.

Your Posts Show Up in the Newsfeed.

Yes, that’s right, people rarely ever come directly to your page. The majority of your engagement (& clicks to your website) will come from posts or ads that are placed in the newsfeed. - users are not spending hours staring at your page. - users are not worried about the Likes on your page. - users arenot sitting there waiting for you to post. Followers are popping on here and there, once in a while, to see what their friends are up to and if you “OR THEY” (PAPP Wifi) happen to post content that resonates with your business, then good on ya! your business is actively being shared and engaged socially!


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Give Aways & Cross Promotional Gifts!

Have youever seen a very large company like a car manufacture giving away an iPad to share their new Wifi enabled vehicles ads? Of course you have we all have...becasue it works!!! Yes that’s right people will post and share just about anything for free stuff. This specific “Give Away Campaign” is VERY effective for both the auto manufacturer and Apple (iPad)

The key is social engament... with promotional "Give Aways” both sides win!

But giving products away can be expensive and posting them yourself would mean you would be speaking to the people that you already know! Far better to be the promotion and NOT the promoter! If a golf course gave away a few free rounds of golf to a few local restaurants & let them run a social campaign, then you reach out to their clients instead of just your own!