Funding Process - Checklist for CMP Agents

1. For non-Standard lease quotes, or adding additional value to a product package please clearly state the additional quote requirements via the CMP Marketplace website:

2. Have your customer complete the CMP credit application and sign;
Please select the “print icon’ in the top right corner found here:

3. Request a copy of the customer's driver’s license. Confirm that the signature on the license matches their signature on the credit application. Take a picture of your clients drivers license and send it in with the credit app. Download CamScanner :

4. Leasing requires a fully completed signed credit application, copy of drivers license and CMP quote with complete description and pricing.

5. Providing we have received all of the necessary information above, Leases will create a customer profile in our system and send off the credit package to our lender for credit approval. Approval or Disapproval can usually will take between 4 - 24 hours.

6. Once Easylease is notified by the lender we will then contact CMP with an update.

7. Our Leasing department contacts lessee (client) to confirm approval and to discuss terms and conditions. If the customer agrees to move forward we then submit a request to have the lease paperwork created. In most situations this can be completed within 4-hours.

8. Lease paperwork is emailed directly to the lessee for signing. Signing of lease documents will really depend on how soon the lessee requires their equipment and the priority of their work day. It is totally different in each situation. We have had customers wait weeks before signing the lease paperwork. So it will be up to CMP to create not depend and wait on a single customer. Proceed to other accounts and follow up!

9. Once lease paperwork has been received the signed lease paperwork and everything checks out we will then request the correct invoice from CMP. *Note: the invoice needs to match the quote $ lease exactly Lease paperwork was created from the submitted quote.

10. *It is equally important that the equipment only be delivered once we have received the signed paperwork and that all approval conditions have been met. The equipment will not be funded until all of the approval conditions have been met and are satisfactory with the lender.

11. Leasing department requires an email confirmation from CMP agent and the lessee that the equipment has been delivered. Once confirmation is received from both parties that the equipment has been delivered the funder will issue payment to CMP Marketplace.